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Og Mandino’s Great Trilogy

OMGTI just finished reading  Og Mandino’s Great Trilogy, which Includes: The Greatest Salesman in the World, the Greatest Secret in the World, the Greatest Miracle in the World. While I wrote about THE GOD MEMORANDUM in Brother Murf’s Corner this is where I will discuss the Trilogy itself.

The Greatest Salesman in the World was about a young camel boy who sought to learn from the greatest salesman in the world just to become worthy in the eyes of the woman he loved and her father, as they were of money.  It is allegorical in nature on how to become the best you could possibly be, regardless of your profession for in essence we are all salesmen of ourselves.

The Greatest Secret in the World is really a study program and journaling effort in order to create all of the habits portrayed in each of the scrolls.  It was said that Benjamin Franklin would practice each week his character traits or virtues.  Through practice and repetition we can all learn new habits, regardless of what they are.  You annotate what stood out and what you remember of the week, the greatest accomplishment.

The Greatest Miracle in the World is where the THE GOD MEMORANDUM  came from.  The basis of this story was where Og Mandino received the memorandum from.  It came from a man who Og had met and had a great number of discussions with over the course of time (~2 years).  The solem promise was that when there was a time that it could be done that THE GOD MEMORANDUM would be released to as many people as possible.  It is quite good and is worthy of the time to read it, as it may just grant you a different perspective on life and how to turn yours around.

Of course, this was my second time reading the Greatest Salesman in the World and I got more from it this time around.  I skimmed through the Greatest Secret and believe it to be worth a try, no differently than that of THINK AND GROW RICH by Napoleon Hill or PERSONAL POWER by Anthony Robbins.  Not everything works the same with everyone, some people need a different method to change.

I hope you will pick up the trilogy, as opposed to just one of the books, as I believe they work hand-in-hand.

Godspeed and Good Read to all!





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It’s Official…You Can Just Call Me “DOC”


ULC Degree – Memo Style

I just checked my personal email and received the good news and I wanted to share with all of you!  I have passed the final exam, have been awarded a PhD of Philosophy in Religion and can officially be called “DOC MURF” LOL!

Though, it is a doctrinal based award I am still “DOC”, ha-ha!  AND I’m not the type of Doc that can help anyone…ha-ha-ha!

God bless, Godspeed, and God help us all! (ha-ha!)

Doc murf



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