Why Liberty?


The ideas presented in this book are about an alternative view of politics: a politics not of force, but of persuasion, of live and let live, of rejecting both subjugation and domination. The essays are mainly written by younger people who are active in Students For Liberty, a very dynamic and exciting interna- tional movement. They reflect no narrow national perspective, but speak to the broad range of human experience. They offer an introduction to the philosophy by which most human beings live their lives on a day-to-day basis. That philosophy goes by various names around the world, including liberal- ism, classical liberalism (to distinguish it from what is called “liberalism” in the United States), and libertarianism. It’s an approach that is at once simple and complicated, because it incorporates the insight that simple rules can generate complex orders. That’s one of the most important lessons of modern social science. Order can emerge spontaneously, a topic that is explored in greater detail in this book’s essays.

This short book is an invitation to think about important problems in new ways. It’s for those who come to the issues for the first time and for advanced scholars. I hope that both groups and all in between will benefit from these essays. They can be read in any order and no chapter requires that one read another. A reader can “dip into” the book without having to read the whole thing. Think of it as a bag of healthy and tasty snacks for the mind. And enjoy.

I took the above write-up from the Preface, I don’t believe I could hone it any better than this! It possesses a world of information and resources, worth the time to read as it is only 122 pages.

This is the eBook version: http://studentsforliberty.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/Why-Liberty-Final-Typeset-with-Cover.pdf


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