“Church and State” eBook by Philip Schaff


This little work is a contribution to American Church History. It discusses that part of the Constitution which protects us against the despotism of a state church, and guarantees to us the free exercise and enjoyment of religion, as an inherent, inviolable, and inalienable right of every man. The First Amendment is the Magna Charta of that freedom, and well worthy to be set forth in its true light with its antecedents, surroundings, and effects at home and abroad.

What is the distinctive character of American Christianity in its organized social aspect and its relation to the national life, as compared with the Christianity of Europe? It is a free church in a free state, or a self supporting and self governing Christianity in independent but friendly relation to the civil government.

This relationship of church and state marked an epoch, a new chapter in the history of Christianity, and the most important one which America has so far contributed.

I found this book to be a good read with a wealth of information. At the end it contained references to court cases and documents which equated Christianity to the American foundation and way of life.

To download “Church and State” by Philip Schaff for future reading please right mouse click, then click save to download – Church-And-State


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