Public Schools, Public Menace by Joel Turtel


Parents, what if your local public school is a menace to your child’s mind, education, and future? What if public schools are hopelessly beyond repair and simply cannot give your children the education they need and deserve?
Do you have children who do poorly in school or are bored or frustrated with school? In contrast to what most public-school officials will tell you, in most cases the problem lies with the schools, not with your children. It turns out that millions of children, including yours, have good reasons to hate public school, reasons that you as a parent should not ignore.

In his hard-hitting new book, “Public Schools, Public Menace: How Public Schools Lie To Parents and Betray Our Children,” Joel Turtel argues that public schools have become so dangerous and such a waste of time for America’s children, that parents should vote with their feet and look elsewhere to educate their kids.

In “Public Schools, Public Menace,” the author reveals:

* how public schools deceive parents into thinking their kids are doing well in school by using dumbed-down tests, textbooks, and grading systems
* how public schools cripple children’s ability to read and destroy their love of learning
* why over four million school children a day take mind-altering drugs like Ritalin
* why desperate minority parents should not pin their hopes on vouchers, charter schools, or the No Child Left Behind Act
* how these schools indoctrinate our children with anti-parent, anti-American, and anti-Judeo-Christian values
* 22 ways parents can home-school their children, even if they work

Turtel explains why parents should think seriously about taking their children out of public school, permanently. Children don’t have to suffer through 12 years of a mind-numbing, third-rate public-school education. “Public Schools, Public Menace” explores and gives a detailed Resource list of many quality, low-cost education alternatives that parents can take advantage of right now, from accredited Internet schools and computer learning software to inexpensive learn-to-read and learn-math books and home-schooling.

He also shows parents how home-schooling can be a lot easier, less costly, and less time-consuming than they might think.

Joel Turtel is an education policy analyst and author of “The Welfare State: No Mercy For the Middle Class. He lives in New York State.”



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4 responses to “Public Schools, Public Menace by Joel Turtel

  1. 100% agree! We figured out last year that one of our sons failed every test he took and still got a B because he did his homework! 75% of my daughter’s class got into AP courses but couldn’t handle the work. My daughter taught herself the material after the teacher was fired and scored a 4–better than if she’d let the teacher teach her.

    Once I witnessed a child being told he wasn’t allowed to say God created the world (the teacher got noticeably upset with him). Another teacher threatened sending a kid to the office when he told people Jesus loved them (3rd grade).

    The smart kids are kept in inclusion classes and are neglected in favor of the kids who can’t or don’t want to learn…. ugh.

    • Just things I recall from my childhood school years and my children’s school years…drives me nuts just thinking about it all! I am also fearful and frightened for the future of this country & the inheriting generations…sickens me!

      • Some people think it’s a stretch to say that public schools are mind control centers, but I think they are–if a parent complains they’re labeled as troublemakers or quacks. If the kid (especially boys) don’t fit the mold they’re labelled. The teachers’ lounge can be a really negative place in my experience. teachers are warned about certain “bad kids” coming up the pike, etc. One teacher openly admitted that she helped her students cheat on tests because she didn’t think they were capable of really learning !

      • So true, in today’s society!

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