The Welfare State: No Mercy For The Middle Class by John McKay


Wouldn’t it be great if we never had to pay income taxes or social security taxes again? What if we could keep every cent we earn from our paycheck, giving government not a penny of our hard-earned money?
This is all possible, but only if and when we totally dismantle the welfare state. You see, the welfare state means big governement, and big government is a tax-hog that eats your earnings.

John McKay, in his book “The Welfare State: No Mercy For The Middle Class,” explains how we are being ripped off by the welfare state. He examines the central ideas that are used to justify the welfare state, and shows why these ideas are false and evil.

The author explains why, even in the midst of a seeming economic boom, most families find it hard to keep their heads above water. He explains how welfare-state regulations sharply increase the price of everything we buy, and progressive income taxes loot almost 40% of our paychecks.

He shows how this government-cr! eated pincer is strangling the average American’s standard of living and his children’s future. He reveals how taxes and regulations make houses, health care, and college educations for our children unaffordable to millions of Americans.

Mr. McKay also explains the disaster we are heading for if we don’t bring government under control. He also shows us how to avert this disaster. The author proposes a startling new amendment to the Constitution that would end the welfare state, once and for all. He shows how much better our lives would be once this amendment was in place: Taxes would be slashed to less than $300 per year, total. No more income taxes, no more social security taxes, no more hundreds of other taxes. Small business owners would breathe free because most regulations would be eliminated. Millions of new jobs would be created. The cost of living for everything from houses to health care would be slashed. And government would be off our backs.


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