Piercing The Fog of 9/11 by Charles Giuliani


We have been told that we were attacked by 19 Muslim fanatics on 9/11. This story works well for those who don’t look carefully at it. But upon close inspection, this whole account crumbles to dust faster than the Twin Towers did. Find out the shocking truth about who really perpetrated this terrible crime, and why.

If you can get past the fact he is classified as a “conspiracy theorist” label, you will find his information both eye opening & compelling. Unfortunately, the propaganda out there is that conspiracy theorist are bad…no, they are simply people with an alternate view of what occurred.



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6 responses to “Piercing The Fog of 9/11 by Charles Giuliani

  1. chrissyboy76

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    Like the JFK assassination the events of September 11th 2001, have not been explained adequately
    The official account is found wanting and provides no real answers.
    We have been told the hijackers came from Saudi Arabia. Pakistan was also a major epicentre of terrorism. Taking these points into consideration , bearing in mind of the shift of terrorist activity to Libya and Syria. Begs the question, that the response to 911 was one of overreaction , specifically when it was really payback or ‘blowback’ for US intelligence involvement in the creation of the forerunner of the Taliban/al Qaeda . The aftermath was the patriot act and increasing reduction in world freedom. Some say after 911 prior to Libyan involvement that US intelligence again used the services of jihadist types. Pretty much something the American public don’t know but should. Why after the ‘war in terror’ was the CIA using militant assets. This proves how disgusting and immoral intelligence work really is. In the congressional hearing over the Benghazi incident and the killing of the US Ambassador is proof of this and something hidden from the people by the Government. That is despite repeated claims that the Americans kept out of this ‘NATO operation’.

    So Libya is relevant in the 911 question as is Syria. In Syria Jihadists although being defeated by Assads regime , would be getting the upper hand right now if it were not for several countries blocking proposed strikes , which would have played right into the hands of Al Qaeda.
    We must pause a moment and take this into consideration as 911 is drifting away from the medias concerns . We must ask that if attempting a ‘war on terror’ in 2001 to defeat global terrorism was a failure , it should be viewed as a false war created by intelligence agencies, who used fundamentalist assets as part of the Cold War only to suffer blowback . The same thing is happening again first Libya then Syria. Like Iraq they were dictatorships , but American interventionism in the Middle East 2001 onwards is going to create more blowback . In memory of the victims of 911 this warning is extremely important. The seeds are being sown again.

    • I am not sure I can disagree with you. I have always felt that the “OFFICIAL EXPLANATION” was inadequate at best and at worst a total fabrication. General Smedley Butler, Commandant of the Marines during WWI, after retiring had published a pamphlet/small book entitled, “WAR IS A RACKET.” (You should be able to get it on-line.) He stated in no uncertain terms that war is simply a corporate push for power by using the government’s military. I have many beliefs on the subject, but I am not trying to divert from God’s word on to Political discussions. This, of course, just so happened to be a very well charged political book which surrounded one of our darkest hours.

      I would mention that Rabbi Jonathan Cahn published two books, “THE HARBINGER” & “THE MYSTERY OF THE SHEMITAH.” Both are companion books to one another. However, short version – September 11th attack was quite possibly the Harbinger that in effect shows us (The United States of America) are under judgement because we are & have been for decades kicking God out of our lives and our society. Godspeed & God Bless!

  2. I don’t want to believe the story has holes but there’s a lot of VERY weird things about the event. One of the creepiest things I’ve seen was a guy who was interviewed as a random bystander after the LAX bombing by a news crew who then also appears in a street interview in NYC as the towers are falling. He’s supposedly a random guy who randomly explains the technical reasons for why the buildings collapsed the way they did–only minutes ago.

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