KJV v. NIV Bibles


I have come to a veery stark reality, that the NIV Bible is missing something & leaving me wanting. I have had a great many trials over the years due to my understanding of the Bible (NIV). After watching a video on YouTube, “NEW WORLD ORDER BIBLE VERSION,” I came to realize that my misunderstandings were not misunderstandings at all, but they were improper teachings.

I am hurt and quite honestly feel betrayed. I have been reading the NIV since about 1989. Below are some articles I came across during some of my further research into this matter. My studies are now including both the NIV & KJV. That I shall compare and move on. The truth of the matter is that the NIV is truly easier to understand & read, compared to the KJV; but false teaching is still a lie.

While these are just two articles on the subject, you need to research the subject for yourself. Afterward, make your own decision! When it came to the various versions, I was of the opinion that the best bible was the one that was read. Perhaps, to a degree, this is still true as being milk for the child until he has grown and become a man and then move on. In an ideal world, we would all learn Hebrew, Aramaic, & Greek and learn to translate for ourselves! But this world is far less than perfect.

King James Version vs New International Version by Rev. Robert Wise

A Comparison Between the King James (KJV) & The New International (NIV) Bibles

Godspeed & Good Reads!
Brother Murf



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