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Win Without a Lawyer!

You will be pleasantly surprised how simply it is explained. The video, audio, and multimedia materials are laid out in an easy-to-learn format.

Every kind of case that involves rules and the necessity of knowing how to apply the rules to control lawyers and judges!

Much mis-information exists these days as to how our justice system works and the proper method for proceeding. The course offered is based on the system of rules that applies in all courts that follow the English System, showing you how to use the official rules of procedure and rules of evidence in your jurisdiction to control lawyers and judges. It is the creation of an attorney who’s been winning cases since 1986. You wil learn the proper method for proceeding in court … and you can learn it all in a single weekend.

I purchased this course several years ago for its knowledge, which was vast and useful. I have had numerous opportunities to use this knowledge in many different settings with great success, I might add. I found this course to be of great value which had many facets to it: Audio, Video, and Study or Reading. If nothing else you should take from this course how to make your hired Lawyer do his/her job for you. The courses facets will be the next several posts. This Jurisdictionary course was created by Dr. Frederick Graves & his wife Katherine.

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Reading IS Exercise


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I cannot live without books


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October 18, 2014 · 1:57 am

Elements of Libertarian Leadership by LEONARD E. READ


The Elements of Libertarian Leadership by Leonard Read is one of the first books that kicked off the current libertarian movement in America, while serving mainly as a guide for self-improvement. It has been referred to as a how-to model for increasing leadership within the liberty movement. Here, he discusses liberty and how to ensure that our society understands the libertarian vision. Read also discusses how to be an effective and influential leader when promoting liberty and its importance to future generations

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Dr Seuss Never Gets Too Old


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October 1, 2014 · 11:07 am