How to Have Fellowship With God? by Dr. J. Vernon McGee

How to Have Fellowship With God by Dr. J. Vernon McGee


When our Lord went into the Upper Room that last Passover, He erected on the dying embers of that famed feast something new. The Lord Jesus and His disciples were having fellowship. But before He began to tell them about the future, what would be coming – that He would be returning to this earth to take His own out of the earth; before He told them about the new, living relationship with those personally and vitally identified with Him, baptized by the Holy Spirit into the body of believers, a union that is like the vine and branches; before He uttered that great Lord’s prayer in John 17 where the One who is our great intercessor prays for His own; before He entered into any of that, during that last meal He had with them He got up and washed His disciples’ feet.

(1 John 1) How can sinners possibly have fellowship with a holy God? Man has tried three ways – two of which are wrong and one that leads to wonderful, sweet fellowship with God the Father.


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