Defending the Faith A Crash-Course in Apologetics

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This course was designed to equip students to answer the questions of seekers as well as the objections of skeptics. As you study, you’ll grasp how to help others understand the truthfulness of Christ’s claims, from ‘Absolute Proof for the Existence of God’ to defending the Bible’s reliability, to showing how truth is absolute and not relative. Learn to explain why Jesus is the only Savior and discover helpful tips for speaking with Moslems, Jews, followers of the New Age and cults. Learn how to always return to the question: What will you do with Jesus?

Most apologetics courses only deal with “traditional” apologetics topics, though. This course, however, deals with some more current objections to the Christian faith–including the suggestion that Christianity is ‘homophobic’ and that opposition to abortion is sexist. What do you say when someone exclaims, “Surely you don’t take the Bible literally, do you???” How does God answer the charge that he’s selfish? How do you respond when scholars describe Christianity as a white European religion, a product of Western culture?

Students from very diverse Christian backgrounds attended the course–from inner-city street evangelists to university students to internationals studying in the United States. You’ll find about a hundred pages of notes defending the truthfulness of Christ’s amazing claim to be Savior of the world and Lord over all.

A great overview of apologetics and gives one great tips to share the Gospel of Christ.

Godspeed & Good Reads!
Brother Murf


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