The Approach To Philosophy by Ralph Barton Perry


Professor Ralph Barton Perry (1876-1957) was an American philosopher, born at Poultney, Vt. He was educated at Princeton (A. B., 1896) and at Harvard (A. M., 1897; Ph. D., 1899), where, after teaching philosophy for three years at Williams and Smith colleges, he was instructor (1902-05), assistant professor (1905-13), and professor of philosophy. A pupil of William James, whose Essays in Radical Empiricism he edited (1912), Perry became one of the leaders of the neorealistic movement. Perry argued for a naturalistic theory of value and a New Realist theory of perception and knowledge. He wrote a celebrated biography of William James, and proceeded to a revision of his critical approach to natural knowledge. An active member among a group of American New Realist philosophers, he elaborated around 1910 the program of new realism. However, he soon dissented from moral and spiritual ontology, and turned to a philosophy of disillusionment. Perry was an advocate of a militant democracy: in his words “total but not totalitarian”. His works include: The Approach to Philosophy (1905), The Moral Economy (1909), The New Realism (1912), The Present Conflict of Ideals (1918) and The Thought and Character of William James (2 volumes) (1935).

Not a bad read and was well balanced.

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God bless & Godspeed!


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