The Reason for My Hope: Salvation by Billy Graham



Age and illness have removed him from the public eye, but only death will stop Graham from promulgating the same good news of salvation in Jesus Christ that he has preached now for 70 years. Only some of his exempla are new, drawn from recent headlines and the web, but, as always, Graham makes the message fresh, makes it new, in a plain-speaking and personal manner that few other evangelists have mastered quite as well. He remains absolutely faithful to the text of the Bible, as sure of sin and damnation as they are biblically portrayed as he is of repentance, salvation, and heaven. Moreover, he is as convinced of prophecy—that Jesus’ coming was foretold and that his Second Coming is certain—as ever. He doesn’t acknowledge nuance (although he doesn’t condemn metaphorical reading of scripture, either), and—what upsets contemporary sensibilities much more—he adheres to traditional understandings, for example of marriage, as firmly as to traditional evangelical interpretation of the Bible. He that hath ears to hear, let him hear. –Ray Olson

This was a really fast read! The crux of this book was to get back to basics, get back to Jesus, & get back to relying on the word of God which is the basis of our faith!

Godspeed & Good Reads!

Doc Murf


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