How To Overcome Procrastination

While procrastination is THE biggest problem to attaining one’s personal goals and dreams, it is also a systemic problem that goes very deep into your persona.  This is a good series/ebook which will give you tips as to what you can do.  While I do not subscribe to her personal beliefs, I do believe we can learn something from everyone no matter their background.
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Procrastination, or laziness, is something that all of us face. However, many self-help resources only teach you to deal with procrastination on a superficial level, which is why it continues to be a problem in people’s lives. This ebook will share the real root causes of procrastination and how you can overcome it at its core.

5-part series, 25-page e-book, 500+kb

Personal Excellence

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Celestine Chua is the founder of Personal Excellence, your #1 site to achieve personal excellence. She believes in your magic and is here to help you achieve your highest potential in life.


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