Understanding the Enemy by Dr. Sebabastian L . Gorka

Understanding the Enemy

The four key points of my article are simple:
  • First, if you want to understand the enemy,read what they say.
  • Second, we must understand al-Qaeda, not as something that was created by Osama bin Laden simply on the foundations of the Arab mujahedeen movement. Rather, it is the product of decades of ideological evolution that startedwith the Muslim Brotherhood.
  • Third, and this is hard for the special operations community and for people who like the lethal stuff — hunting people down, chasing high-value targets…
  • Finally, AQ does not keep me awake at night any longer. I am afraid of al-Qaeda’s soft jihadi colleagues, those who will not use violence — organizations such as The Muslim Brotherhood — that use legal tools, economic tools and lawfare as a weapon to undermine our constitutional order.

An interesting 6 page eye opener to understanding your enemy. It may not be all-inclusive, but still chills the imagination!

Godspeed & Good Reads!

Doc Murf


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