Wind and Fire: The Seven Works of the Holy Spirit Kindle Edition by Lennox Zamore


This book shows that until the birth of Jesus Christ, God revealed Himself to humanity predominantly in the form of wind and fire. God ratified the Covenant with Abraham in a flame and a flaming bush commissioned Moses to start the Jewish Nation. The Wind and Fire protected, led, and comforted the Old Testament church in the wilderness. And most profoundly, the rushing might Wind and tongues of Fire started the New Testament Church at Pentecost. Just like He did for the Children of Israel in the wilderness, the Wind and Fire directs every detail in the life of the Church, and He does this through seven unique works expounded in this book.

Although, since the death of and resurrection of Jesus the Christ…Our Lord and Savior, He has revealed Himself to us in very different and personal ways! By indwelling within each of us through the Holy Spirit. Unfortunately, there are times where we  actually stifle the Spirit via our enactment of our freewill. This is why we must be willing to submit ourselves to Jesus. Being submissive is not being weak, but it is a showing of strength through faith in something far bigger than ourselves.

This was an awesome book with great explanations on what and how to do certain things. To enhance your, or our, abilities to submit our will to God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit! A valuable resource for anyone within the faith!

Godspeed & Good Reads!

Doc Murf


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