Eternal Security / Once Saved, Always Saved (Text Messages From Jesus Book 6) by Buddy Valentine


Eternally Insecure stops guessing if he’s saved or not after learning his adoption by God was sealed, guaranteeing salvation!

When Pure In Heart, who sees God, is told by Jesus to prophesy his phone number to the congregation at MegaChurch Works-For-Grace, saying that Jesus will answer all questions that the congregation members have through text, all hell breaks loose!

In Book 6, through text messages, Jesus gives evidence from His Word that the believer in Him is 100% guaranteed their salvation without fear of ever losing it!

The full introduction and forward will soon be available when the entire 95 book collection/series is released in one 3,000+ page high quality exhaustive edition, “Text Messages From Jesus: Delivered By Prophet Pure In Heart”!


A cute book on eternal salvation of the Christian faith. Interesting and cute, but I was not the one it was intended for; perhaps it was more for techno-kids who refuse to get off their phones and a parent can text them these little messages. I don’t know, but it was a cute venue and laid out well.

Godspeed & Good Reads!

Doc Murf



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2 responses to “Eternal Security / Once Saved, Always Saved (Text Messages From Jesus Book 6) by Buddy Valentine

  1. Hello Doc Murf, thanks posting this! Would you be interested in sharing it on DailyPS? We currently have a poll up asking Christian’s if they believe “Once Saved Always Saved” – I’d love to get some of your wisdom in the comments. It just went live today so we’re wanting to get some great content on it! Here’s a link:

    Thanks again for posting this!

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