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Killerbowl by Gary K. Wolf

Released by Doubleday on September 26, 1975
It’s thirty years in the future. The ultraviolent sport of Professional Street Football, a phenomenally popular 24-four-hour-long athletic event, combines pro football with mixed martial arts, armed combat, and street fighting. On New Years day, quarterback T.K. Mann plays the most dangerous game of his life, the game known as……Killerbowl!

While the novel is not my pick of choice, as I am more of a learner as opposed to imaginative reader. This was a staunch reminder of when I read ROLLERBALL, later to become a movie with James Caan. But a friend thought I would like this. Unfortunately not a big fan, but it was okay. It had taken me out of my norm and my comfort zone, as a matter of speaking. This is more for someone who truly appreciates this genre of book.

Godspeed & Good Read!

Doc Murf


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Do You Talk to God?

I found this movie on YouTube and I thought it was worth sharing with you.

It’s title is: I Am…Gabriel

Godspeed & Good Reads…or Viewing, in this case!

Doc Murf

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I AM GABRIEL (movie)

watch for free

While the message was great and it’s overall concept was also great, it’s acting and lines (to a certain extent) were a tad cheesie.

BUT the bottom line & question is if God sent you a messenger with a message, would you be skeptical or a believer?

Well worth the hour and a half!


Doc Murf

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The Encounter (2010)

the Encounter

The Encounter, is a Christian film released in 2010. It follows 5 strangers living in California: Nick, a former NFL player and owner of a chain of burger restaurants; Hank and Catherine, a married couple whose marriage is falling apart; Melissa, a Christian on the way to visit her boyfriend (who is a non-Christian) and Kayla, a hitchhiker escaping her horrible living conditions in Los Angeles. When a detour road is closed off, the 5 are stranded in a diner with its’ omnipresent owner, who is revealed to be Jesus Christ, and attempts to help each of the patrons face their troubles and help them seek repentance.

You might even consider this the Twilight Zone meets Jesus sort of film.  The practicality of the film was truly interesting.  How would you react in similar circumstances?  As a believer or the skeptic?

Well worth the hour and a half of viewing time.

Watch for free

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