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KJV v. NIV Bibles


I have come to a veery stark reality, that the NIV Bible is missing something & leaving me wanting. I have had a great many trials over the years due to my understanding of the Bible (NIV). After watching a video on YouTube, “NEW WORLD ORDER BIBLE VERSION,” I came to realize that my misunderstandings were not misunderstandings at all, but they were improper teachings.

I am hurt and quite honestly feel betrayed. I have been reading the NIV since about 1989. Below are some articles I came across during some of my further research into this matter. My studies are now including both the NIV & KJV. That I shall compare and move on. The truth of the matter is that the NIV is truly easier to understand & read, compared to the KJV; but false teaching is still a lie.

While these are just two articles on the subject, you need to research the subject for yourself. Afterward, make your own decision! When it came to the various versions, I was of the opinion that the best bible was the one that was read. Perhaps, to a degree, this is still true as being milk for the child until he has grown and become a man and then move on. In an ideal world, we would all learn Hebrew, Aramaic, & Greek and learn to translate for ourselves! But this world is far less than perfect.

King James Version vs New International Version by Rev. Robert Wise

A Comparison Between the King James (KJV) & The New International (NIV) Bibles

Godspeed & Good Reads!
Brother Murf



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Teaching of Zen by Thomas Cleary


Zen Buddhism emerged in China some fifteen centuries ago and remained the most dynamic and influential spiritual movement in Asia for more than a millennium. Though the teachings of the first Zen masters are sometimes considered innovation, they were actually a return to the core of Buddhist teaching and to an understanding of the importance of the personal experience of enlightenment.

This anthology presents talks, sayings, and records of heart-to-heart encounters to show the essence of Zen teaching through the words of the Zen masters themselves. The selections have been made from the voluminous Zen canon for their accessibility, their clarity, and above all their practical effectiveness in fostering insight.

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